Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hamilton in DC

We actually stopped by this other club/restaurant first but it was a toss up as to whether we would get a table so Miss Barb asked the bouncer to recommend a place because we could not wait to least we could not wait more than 10 minutes to find out if we could get a table just to *eat* food that we are paying for...

So he recommended the Hamilton - all he said was the food was really, really good.  He did not talk about the drinks...

I think we probably chose the wrong drinks. After an hour's wait, we finally got a table to eat. We also realized that the efficiency was just not great. They had many an empty table and we think this was due to the fact that people wanted to go to the main dining room instead which is smaller but closer to the bars.
Complimentary Bread with fresh butter
It was quite slow and the drinks came out quite late. We were served bread which came much later as well. The bread was pretty good, nice and crusty with a soft chewy center and was divine with the very  fresh butter they gave with it. Yes, folks, the butter was super fresh because it didn't come in wrapping and it even had the fresh dairy taste.
Betty's Apple
The drinks - we got this drink called the "Betty's Apple" which was terrible. Not at all palatable. It was a poor version of the Appletini, which is saying a lot about how bad it was. Oh, and did I mention how the drinks arrived when we already were served dinner? Yes, they did.
Braised Beef Shortribs
Anyway, I was feeling quite disappointed until the food came out. Let's start with Barb's food as I don't eat beef [much]. Barb got their braised beef shortribs which came out with farro, kale, butternut squash, and its own juices. It looked tasty. Barb seemed to enjoy it a lot.
Upclose and personal with the beef shortribs
 I opted for my favorite - PEI mussels with beer, fennel, chorizo, french fries, and saffron aioli! And I actually liked the fries...really!
All the deliciousness one shot...
The fries were well seasoned - not just salted, crispy and hot. They were some of the very best fries, I've had and I usually don't eat fries!!
Very delicious fries...surprisingly!
As for the mussels... What can I say? I'm a sucker for crustaceans. And these shellfish were fresh, with a lovely taste and except for all the fennel on top, perfect. The mussels were clean and plump, and the sauce was absolutely yummy with bits of chorizo floating around it. Had I not finished up the bread earlier from my hunger pangs, I would have dipped the bread into it and eaten it that way!
Prince Edward Island Mussels with fennel, saffron aioli and chorizo
This was a very satisfying meal and yes, I ate all but 2-4 mussels! But guess what? We had the nerve to ask for a dessert menu...:) Did I mention that all I had that morning was a piece of whole wheat toast and a bit of peanut butter? Well I did! And that's why I was starving by the time 9:30 pm came around and we got our table!

However, dessert was decidedly uninspired so we went to CVS and our hotel in that order. :)

Hamilton is great for the food alone - drinks not so much and service a dismal *SLOW*. However, I deem it worth it to eat least once. Just make reservations first.

The Hamilton
600 14th Street, N.W. (14th St & F St)
Washington, DC 20005
tel. 202.787.1000
Hours: 24/7

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