Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Black Shack!

Black Shack is a hole in the wall joint on Lexington Ave, between 39th and 40th Streets. You need to be careful going in and coming out of the place because they don't have an actual step but a short barely noticeable ramp (like they started to make a step but changed it to a slope instead).

Once inside, you need to wait on line to order and the menu is at the front in tiny, grayed out forms. Very annoying if you just want to pick out what you want to order while you wait at the back. Also bear in mind that you will not be able to have bleu cheese on your burger if you get the basic. It's only for specialty burgers.

I opted out of cheese and ordered the basic with just fried onions - not raw. Victoria ordered the burger with cheddar but they gave her american anyway.

Though friendly, staff is not too quick on the uptake sometimes.

We shared onion rings.
Clothed burger
My fried burger was fantastic - well-done just the way I like it with delicious fried little onion rounds throughout. I stuck with ketchup on mine. Loved it.

Nooo don't undress me!! Fried onions on the well-done.
Victoria's burger was medium well and it was perfectly cooked. She said it was absolutely delicious for a way cheaper price than the other burger joint closer to our respective jobs.

Fried Onion rings - the real ones!
The onion rings were true onion rings - not the powdered White Castle variety...They were crispy and delicious!

They were relatively quick and we made it back in plenty of time!! So it was a less than 1 hour lunch.

They do pack up quickly so be sure to go before the lunch rush. Their delivery service is too slow though.

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Black Shack
320 Lexington Ave (Between 38th and 39th Streets)
New York, NY 10016
tel. 212-213-0042
Monday - Sunday 11AM - 10PM
Happy Hour: M-F, 3-7pm $1 off beers & special menu!

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