Monday, February 27, 2012

Brunch at Pies n Thighs...not all thighs

After much debate, we decided to hit Pies n Thighs in Williamsburg for some fried chicken and waffles before heading over to the NY Coffee & Tea Festival in Manhattan.

I had been dying to try this place since reading about it on "The Girl Who Ate Everything" blog by Robyn Lee. (I'm still lurking but just not as much on her site since she always has good stuff and also Serious Eats rocks too).

Anyway, don't trust HopStop to give you the shortest route to this gem of a place - you could be lazy and ride all the way to the bus depot and then get off and walk back a bit. Same difference. :)

After Barb (note, not I) debated on the menu a bit, we got our drinks in - mimosa! and our orders of  fried chicken (white only) with their buckwheat waffles, cinnamon butter (already put on the waffles), and apples (also placed on the waffles). 

They also offer honey butter, which our waiter recommended. We sat in the midway between the front and the back. There was a "loud" group before us sitting at the end... Loudly obnoxious for they seemed to ignore that there were many other people there besides them and not everyone wants to listen to their conversation!

We waited no time at all for the mimosas, but waited a bit for the chicken and waffles...which were definitely made fresh unlike Traif, down the block. The chicken was crispy and well seasoned, with the moistness sealed into the chicken. Just absolutely delicious. Luckily I got the smaller pieces because I was able to eat the whole chicken breast while Barb had to wrap part of hers to go...hope she remembered it was in her bag :)
Exceptional Fried Chicken and Waffles
Barb did not enjoy the waffles as much as I did but then again, I like it when they jazz up or change out plain white flour with buckwheat flour which lends more oomph to an otherwise standard waffle. This was a very good waffle with a better flour than white for you. I don't think you can go wrong. It was slightly crispy and the honey butter + syrup made it simply divine. I was very peckish and ate a whole waffle in addition to my chicken. :)

This meal wound up to be about $21 per person including tax and tip. Not bad for a Saturday morning treat.

I do want to go back for other things - they had big fluffy looking biscuits and lots of yummy looking a S'more Pie!! Yes...a return is a must...

166 S.4th Street (@Driggs)
Brooklyn NY 11211
Delivery Tel. 347.529.6090
Weekday Hours
  • Breakfast 9am-4pm
  • Lunch 11am-4pm
  • Dinner 5pm-12am
Weekend Hours
  • Brunch 10am-4pm
  • Dinner 5pm-12am

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