Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Brunch at Luna

Okay this post is out of sync because I had technical difficulties uploading the pics via iPhone app. Apparently, if you don't hit publish, they will no longer save the pics?! Methinks some writing will be done to the app devs.

Our last morning in DC, we opted for late check out and went to look for brunch. As there was nothing close by, we went off to Dupont Circle and scored at Luna, a kitschy looking place next to the Mad Hatter (I would have chosen this place because I like the name but they were pricier than Luna).

As it turns out, Barb remembered that she ate there before - a while back. And she only remembered once we stepped through the doors...

So upfront - there are no meat substitutions. If you don't like pork or are allergic to pork, then you can't have meat here. 

So that said, they have a small brunch menu full of hearty pork filled meat breakfasts or french toast or omelets.
Waffle with egg and cheese

Barb ordered their waffles with egg and cheese. They did not have meat subs so the pork filled menu was not a good choice for her. However, the waffle looked nice and fluffy and delicious.
A nice hearty platter
Since I am more likely to eat a pork product, I choose their platter - toast with eggs (I like mine over easy) which they served perfectly done and their maple syrup sausage. It was very delicious. My eggs were actually over easy!! Some places overcook them. And the sausage was very tasty - seasoned but with a lovely taste of maple!

Overall, I find this place to be friendly yet fast - a good place to grab a quick bite - just don't come here if you can't eat pork but want meat for breakfast.

Luna Bar & Diner
1301 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
tel. 202.835.2280

Sunday -Thursday
8:00 am – 11:00pm
Friday & Saturday
8:00am – 12 midnight
 Brunch on Sat & Sun Only

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